Why do you say you don’t have to worry about OpenLoo running away?

With the rapid development of Internet technology, new industries such as social networking, e-commerce, and self-media are constantly emerging, attracting the attention and participation of a large number of young people. However, society is developing rapidly, and the traditional Web2 Internet has also evolved after twenty or thirty years of development. It is very mature. Most ordinary people, especially young people who are just starting out, have no funds, no connections, and no channels. It is difficult for them to rise in this era of involution.


Therefore, if you want to rise again, you must find new opportunities and ways out. Then the arrival of the Web3.0 era will break the monopoly of Internet giants in the Web2 era. This is an emerging revolution full of opportunities and challenges. The current layout of Web3 is just like the era when Web1.0 started 20 years ago. There are very few competitors and it is the easiest emerging industry to achieve success.


However, the early stages of the development of web3.0 were chaotic, and many emerging concepts raised the threshold for entry. Many projects were confused and ran away with money for web3 concept projects. Pyramid sales, air coins and other phenomena confused users’ awareness of web3, leading to Many newbies are full of hostility towards the web3 encryption industry.


So why don’t you worry about OpenLoo running away?


The biggest reason is that OpenLoo is a tool-based Dapp, which means that OpenLoo’s development path is to meet the needs of users by providing efficient and convenient wool-making tools, and to attract more users to earn handling fees through good reputation and good products. The value proposition of OpenLoo is to allow users to obtain more actual benefits, rather than seeking benefits through user losses.


OpenLoo’s revenue mainly comes from handling fees. When users use OpenLoo to perform wool operations, we will charge a small handling fee as service fees. These handling fees will be used to maintain the normal operation and development of the OpenLoo platform and further optimize product functions and user experience. Based on such a long-lasting profitable business model, the best development logic of OpenLoo is to attract more users to use OpenLoo by providing value and obtain sustainable income from it.


In this regard, OpenLoo has shown full sincerity: OpenLoo regards improving user experience and increasing the diversity of functions and services as its top priority, investing resources and energy, actively cooperating with relevant partners, establishing stable cooperative relationships, and providing users with Provide more benefits and discounts to ensure that OpenLoo always remains technologically advanced and user-friendly to better meet user expectations.

About OpenLoo:

OpenLoo is a Web3 application that implements fully automated on-chain interaction. Products launched in the first phase include airdrop interaction for zkSync, starknet, venom and other networks.

Official website Link: https://openloo.xyz

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/OpenLoo

DAPP: https://dapp.openloo.xyz/#/

Tracker Link: https://tracker.openloo.xyz/